Partner Keys

December 19, 2022

If you are building a high-profile API integration, we recommend you to get in touch with us and request a "partner key".

The partner key is a small value that identifies your application or service. (It is not account-specific.) It helps us to better understand server logs and distinguish your application's API calls from other traffic.

Thus, a partner key is most appropriate in the following two cases:
  1. You are operating a service or an app that is used by many Erply customers.
  2. You have a high-traffic Erply account (a large chain of stores), with many API integrations.
Erply API does NOT require every integration to have a partner key (it works perfectly without one), and generally you do NOT need it if you are building an integration for one single account.

Including or omitting a partner key does not change API's functionality; does not unlock extra features; does not affect limits and quotas; and is not a security or authentication mechanism. It is essentially just an analysis tool for Erply's Software Operations team. Therefore, applying for a partner key makes most sense if you have previously been in direct contact with Software Operations regarding your integration architecture or traffic volumes.

Partner Key Process

Step 1: Send us a request. Describe the application in a few words.

Step 2: We issue a key. It looks like this (this is just a sample, not valid):


Step 3: Include it in every API call as input parameter "partnerKey":

In case of bulk requests, the key must be included both in the bulk request as well as in every sub-request.