Classic Back Office Version 4.23.0

October 14, 2021

April 14, 2020

New Features

  1. Promotions can now be grouped into "promotion tiers".

    Organizing promotions into tiers will affect the order in which promotions are applied. The new order is as follows:

    1. Promotions are applied by tier. (Promotions with no tier are applied first.)
    2. Within each tier, promotions are applied by type.
    3. Within each type, promotions are applied from oldest to newest.

    This algorithm has been implemented in API call "calculateShoppingCart", and therefore this new logic will take effect in all Erply point of sale applications that use API: Brazil POS, Berlin POS, and Touch POS.

    The reasons why promotion order might matter:

    • At most one item-level discount can apply to one item. (An "item-level discount" is, for example, "25% off this particular product or product group"). If two promotions offer competing discounts for the same items, only the first one will actually apply.

    • Some promotions may have restrictions such as, "Do not apply this discount to items that are already discounted". It might be useful to ensure that such a promotion is always the last one to apply.

    List of tiers can be set up in Retail Chain > Promotion Tiers. To see this menu item, you may need to update user group permissions and grant access to this module.

    Field "Tier" has been added to promotion form.

  2. Account administrators can now enable two password policy settings:

    1. Users are required to regularly change their passwords.The password update interval is configurable.

      Important: at the moment, only Brazil POS (the newest Erply point-of-sale application) enforces this rule, ie. requires a user to update an expired password. Other applications and back office do NOT enforce this rule yet.

    2. Users cannot re-use old passwords: a new password must not be equal to the user's N previous passwords.

    To configure these settings:

    1. Go to user group permissions (Settings > User Groups) and enable access to "Account Security Settings".

    2. Go to Settings > All settings. From the sidebar, locate "Users" > "Account Security Settings".

  3. Field "Factoring contract number" has been added to customer form.


  1. The "Erply User Guides and Help Center" and "News from Erply" boxes on back office dashboard can now be closed by clicking an "X" button if they appear too distracting. (The boxes will reappear after a certain period of time.)

  2. Back office now ensures that a new API session key is given to back office plugins after each login, and no keys from previous session are recycled.


  1. Fixed: when setting "Partial fulfilment splits sales order" was enabled, creating an invoice from a sales order sometimes created an unnecessary follow-up order with a tiny quantity, even though the original order got completely fulfilled.

  2. Fixed: the popover that is displayed in the list of sales invoices (when pointing mouse cursor to an invoice number) now displays the discounted price, as well as the discount percentage applied. (Until now, only original price was displayed.)

  3. Fixed: when a summary invoice is created from waybills with different "Ship To" customers, the "Ship To" field will now be left empty on the invoice.

  4. Fixed: on a matrix product form, clicking the button “Generate product variations” > “Generate” > “Approve” twice no longer produces duplicate variations.

  5. Fixed: deleting a customer from back office will now delete the customer's "integration IDs", too.