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    14 Oct, 2021
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    Berlin Back Office Version 5.23.0

    May 14, 2020

    New Features

    1. New section "Administrator Password Requirements"has been added to Settings > All Settings > Users > Account Security Settings.

    2. Check box "Non-refundable product" has been added to product card. (This feature will be supported soon in Brazil POS.)


    1. Popovers in invoice list now display "Discount %" rounded to one decimal place.

    2. Promotions created from Berlin back office now also have the "enabled" flag set to 1 (if the respective field has been activated on the account).


    1. Fixed: in module "Pick items to create an order", the resulting sales or purchase order was sometimes different from what user had selected — as if some of the "select" or "de-select" commands had not been properly processed.