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    10 Nov, 2022
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    Berlin Back Office Version 5.24.0

    Jun 3, 2020

    New Features

    1. Erply now supports restricting access by IP address.

      The feature can be turned on and the list of allowed IP addresses can be configured from Settings > Configuration.

      Access restrictions are supported by both back office and API. When you enable the feature, please take care to also whitelist the IP addresses of the API integrations that you maintain and control.

      More information: "IP-based Access Restrictions" at

    2. Back office is now compatible with "stable row IDs" and "JSON extra data", support for which was added in API 1.49. Re-saving a sales document in back office will preserve the IDs and extra data attached to document rows.

    3. Aforementioned "JSON extra data" is also available on Actual Reports sales document printouts (field "jdoc").

    4. Field "Web Shop Order Number" has been added to sales orders and sales invoices. Use this field to store the "order number" automatically assigned by your e-commerce platform (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop). (Integrations can, of course, populate that field over API, too.) You can look up a document by that number, and it is also displayed in the list of invoices / orders, and on a sales document printout.

      The number also gets copied from a sales order to a linked invoice, so both documents can be looked up using that number.

    5. New configuration setting has been added: Settings > Configuration > "Inventory and purchase" > "Cross-sell relationship works one way only"

      If Product A has been set as a "cross-sell item" (a "related product") for Product B, Erply by default assumes that the relationship works the other way, too. Turn on the new setting to disable that.

    6. Stock Replenishment Report now supports assortments, and displays only the items that the particular location's assortment contains.

      Additionally, field "Assortment" has been added to location form, for linking locations with assortments.

      A module for creating and managing assortments will also be available shortly and will be announced on

    7. Gift card types have been added: gift cards can now be categorized into different types if needed.

    8. "Register" filter has been added to Sales > Orders.

    9. Payment fields related to card payments (Card number, Card type, Cardholder name, Authorization code, Reference number) have been added to report generator.

    10. A new user group permission "Store Manager's Settings (Brazil POS)" has been added.


    1. Layout of several pages (customer importer, product importer, new Promotions module, new PIM module, new Stocktakings module) has been improved.

    2. Greek translations have been updated.

    3. Default tax rates of South Africa and Kenya have been updated. (Affects new signups only.)


    1. Back office no longer allows to delete a matrix dimension or a matrix dimension value if there are products referencing it.

    2. Fixed: adding a new matrix dimension value by clicking the "New" button did not work. The new dimension value got "lost" and did not appear in the list.

    3. Deleting a matrix dimension value was too slow in certain cases.

    4. Back office now prevents users from issuing multiple simultaneous commands for deleting a document (a sales or purchase invoice, or an Inventory Registration, for example). Being able to repeat the "delete" command sometimes caused discrepancies in inventory quantities.

    5. If a "record duplication" has happened (exactly the same sales document or customer appears in the list twice, with the same ID), the record can now be opened and resaved to fix it.

      Formerly, attempting to save the record produced an error message "This record has been edited by another user".

      The root cause of this record duplication has been fixed in API version 1.49.