Quick Select Keys

October 2, 2023

Benefits of Quick Select keys

Cut checkout times in half
Skip the search bar. Quick Select buttons allow you to add items to an order at the touch of a button, no barcode scanner required. 
Common Quick Select items: Popular items, items without barcodes or tags, fast-selling seasonal items.

Smarter customer service
78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction because of a bad service interaction. Quick select keys keep your cashiers well-informed by displaying a product’s photo and price right at the home screen. 

Custom layouts for targeted sales
If you operate in more than one retail location, you can create a Quick Select template and map its layout to all registers at a specific location. For example, a grocery chain may want to assign Quick Select layouts based on location-based sales patterns, like if its west coast stores sell significantly more bananas than its east coast stores. 

How to Use Quick Select keys

Back Office -> Retail Chains -> Locations -> Quick Selection
Quick select keys are set up in the back office. Different Quick Select key templates can be created and assigned to individual locations.
Quick select keys can be rearranged at any time.

Adding a quick select item to an order
At the point of sale, pressing a Quick Select key will automatically add it to the cart. Press a quick select key multiple times to increase its cart quantity. 
If a Quick Select item is weighted, Erply will prompt you to enter the item’s weight once the item is selected.

View more quick select keys

Erply allows you to view up to 33 quick select key buttons at a glance.
If you added more than 33 quick select items, press the green button will allow you to access the rest of your quick select items.

Terms to Know

Location: The digital representation within Erpy of a physical retail store.

Register: A POS station, usually within a location.