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    18 Oct, 2021
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    Benefits of unique POS logins

    Easily track employee actions at the POS

    Employee logins give you a paper trail to follow for vital POS and back office functions. Keep track of employee sales and hours worked, see how many times an employee opened a cash drawer, and always know who authorized a product return.

    Maintain secure processes

    All employees can be assigned a secure password or PIN to ensure an outside party does not access their account. 

    Assign user rights to each employee account to permit or restrict access to certain features, such as:

    Item discounts and returns

    Access to the back office

    The ability to view customer information, but not edit it

    Ring up customers from any device

    Sign into multiple devices, including tablets and mobile devices, to line bust long lines or serve customers from anywhere. 

    How to sign into Erply POS

    Signing into the POS

    1. Open the POS screen

    You can sign into Erply POS at (Berlin POS) or (Brazil POS)

    Signing into Erply requires a customer code, a username, and a password or login pin.

    Enter your account credentials, then click the green Sign In button. If you forgot any of these credentials, please reach out to our support team to retrieve them.

    2. Select a register

    Once you’ve signed in, Erply will prompt you to select a register.

    Access to registers can be granted in the back office by a user with proper user rights.

    Optional: Open the day

    If you’re logging into a register for the first time that day, Erply will prompt you to open the day.

    Enter the amount of cash in the register, then press Open the day.

    Signing out of the POS

    Click the active user in the top menu bar and select Log out to sign out of the POS. 

    Signing into the back office

    You can sign into the Erply back office at

    Alternatively, you can add your account code to the URL for a more direct login.

    For example: 

    Signing out of the back office

    Click the active user in the top menu bar and select Log out to sign out of the POS.