Default Customer in POS

April 26, 2024

Benefits of setting a Default Customer

Any sale in Erply needs to be invoiced to a customer. We understand that you need to register sales for unregistered customers as well. Setting up a default customer allows to make sales without having to fill in customers information such as their name, address or phone number.

How to set a Default Customer

For the whole account

Navigate to the Back Office, go to the Settings tab and select Configuration

At the top of the page, to the right, the POS section gives you the possibility to set a customer that will be assigned by default for all sales, unless another customer is specified instead:

Make sure to save your changes with the Save button or by pressing F7 on a keyboard.

For a specific register

You can set a different default customer for each register or location. If a default customer is set on a register card, this will override the default customer set for the whole account.

In order to configure it, navigate to the Back Office -> Retail Chain -> Registers

Click on the register for which you want to set a default customer for the POS

Select the customer you want to set as default in the Default Customer field to the right of the card

Make sure to save your changes with the Save button or by pressing F7 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to sell to a default customer?

You can constrain users to select a register for each sale at the POS, and not sale to a default anonymous customer. 

In order to enable it, navigate to the POS ( -> Settings (gear button) -> Configuration -> Sale section

Find the “Disable selling to POS default customer” setting and tick the check box.

Save your change before exiting the page.

When this option is enabled, if you try to complete a sale without changing the customer from the default POS customer, the POS will not allow to complete the sale and return the following message: “Please select the customer”.

All my receipts come with the name of one of my customers, what happened?

When the customer set as default is deleted, the default POS customer is automatically set on the next customer card from your customer list, as the POS default customer field cannot be left empty.

Make sure that the customer card for your default customer has not been deleted. In the Back Office -> Customers you can filter by name to look for your default customer.

If the default customer has been deleted, create a new customer and name it how you want the default customer to be named on receipts.

Set the POS customer back as default on the Configuration page or Register card, as described in the steps above.