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    19 Jan, 2023
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    Offline Mode

    Erply’s offline mode allows you to continue store operations without interruption, even when you lose internet connection. 

    Benefits of Offline Mode

    Never lose valuable sales data
    During an internet outage, your devices might be unable to track sales data or make sales entirely. Offline mode is a reliable way to run core operations 24/7.
    Pro tip: Run a mobile or popup store? Changing internet providers? Enable offline mode ahead of time to prevent data loss.

    Continue sales without the hassle of an IT setup
    Offline mode doesn’t require outside hardware or complex configurations. Erply will automatically switch to offline mode when connection is lost. All data stored while offline will immediately sync with the back office once internet connection is regained.

    Improved end-of-day report accuracy
    Offline mode eliminates manual work by automatically syncing data to the back office when internet connection is restored. No need to track receipts or sales data; each register’s counts will match your back office records at the end of each day.

    How Offline Mode Works

    Offline mode relies on the browser’s cache storage to save data locally, then update and retrieve that data - all while the internet is down.
    It relies on your computer’s date and time as reference points, then saves inventory and sales data to your internet browser’s cache in regular intervals. With this in mind, you should not change your device’s date, time, or clear your browser’s cache.

    Because Erply POS and back office are web-based, all data cached at the POS will immediately sync to the back office once connection is restored. Erply will log out upon reconnecting to the internet to ensure your devices are secure.
    Note: Offline mode must be enabled before an internet outage in order to capture data.

    How To Know if Offline Mode Is Enabled

    When offline mode is enabled, look for the following:

    At the POS

    The network icon on the POS menu bar turns red when connection is lost. A lost connection can mean the internet is down, or that the POS cannot communicate with Erply’s servers.

    At the login screen

    A notification yellow bar will display at the top of the screen “Network is unreachable, check your internet connection.”

    Accessing Offline Mode

    Enable or disable offline mode in POS Settings -> Configuration -> Local Database Support -> Allow offline mode.
    Refresh your browser after enabling offline mode to ensure your browser cache downloads and retains POS sales data.

    Log in offline

    Open Erply POS and click the Offline Login button to use the POS in offline mode. If this button does not display at the login screen, that means offline mode is not enabled.

    Ensure all offline sales are included in your end-of-day report

    In the back office, go to Settings -> All Settings -> POS -> Day Openings and Closings.

    If you lost internet connection before opening the day at the POS, you’ll need to adjust your day opening time in the back office.
    Example: Opened day offline at 9 am. Internet restored at 1 pm. The Day Opening should be changed from 1 pm to 9 am.

    If you’re unsure of the exact time that you logged into the POS offline, it’s best to enter an earlier time to ensure sales are not missed.

    Terms to know

    Browser cache: Temporary memory that an internet browser uses to store information about sites you have visited.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What features are available in offline mode?
    The following features are available in offline mode:
    Open Day
    Product Search
    Adding Products to make a sale
    Cash payments
    Non-integrated credit card payments
    Save sale
    Save as order
    Save as layaways
    Recent sales made while offline
    Print recent receipt made while offline
    Print last receipt made while offline
    Open cash drawer
    Price adjustment
    Exempt tax
    Internal and External notes
    Switch users
    Log out

    What are the limitations of offline mode?
    Offline mode does not currently support:
    Customer Search
    Create or edit customers
    Pending sales
    Pickup orders
    Close day
    View or print the X-Report
    Cash in/out
    Retrieve stock and price
    Check gift card balance
    View coupons

    How long can I be in offline mode for?
    Offline mode has no time limits.
    Please note that POS data will be stored locally until the internet is restored, but sales information won’t be available for review until connection has been restored.

    Why is offline not on by default?
    To ensure device security, an account admin must make the decision to enable offline local data storage.

    Can I close the day while in offline mode?
    You can not close the day in offline mode yet.

    Do promotions work in offline mode?
    Promotions do not work offline yet.

    Do price lists work in offline mode?
    Price lists do not work offline yet.

    What are the recommended transaction types for offline mode?
    Offline mode supports cash sales and non-integrated card sales.