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    9 Jan, 2023
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish


    The module can be found, when double-clicking on SETTINGS menu - Settings module opens. On sidemenu bar, click on Inventory Settings -> Units. 

    Units list opens with existing units. Units can be changed, reordered and deleted. 

    Units can be set for each product on product card. 

    But it is also possible to add/change the unit on sale documents. 

    User has to have a corresponding user right to see the module (it can be set in Settings -> User Groups -> opening the group -> Settings)

    Creating an unit:

    STEP 1 Open units module (double click on Settings -> side menu Inventory Settings -> Units)

    STEP 2 Click on “New” button - new Unit form opens

    STEP 3 Add the unit name and save the form

    Unit is now added to the list and can be added to products