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    22 Feb, 2022
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    Product export

    Benefits of exporting your product catalog

    Ability to update all of your product cards at once in Excel
    Updating each individual field in your product card can be a pain. ERPLY has simplified this process for you by allowing an easy export of your product data. Once generated, you can open an .xls file in Microsoft Excel or your favorite compatible software. 

    Log of changes in product information
    Each file generated by your export is dated in a YEAR / MONTH / DAY format. 

    (Example: Erply Product List 2020-02-28)

    No setup required
    Data in your spreadsheet will be concise with what you originally entered into ERPLY. Export products is available as an option in your PIM module window.

    How to export products

    Log into your Back Office and navigate to your PIM module. Select Export Products.

    Erply will open a menu that includes search filters pertaining to your product tags, including:
    Product group
    Inventory quantity options
    Price lists

    Once you specify the required fields, Erply will automatically download a spreadsheet with your selected filters.