Inventory Registrations

February 13, 2023

Benefits of Inventory Registrations

Keep up-to-date inventory records
Inventory registrations help you manage the restocking process and keep accurate inventory counts across all store locations and warehouses. 

Error-free, lean inventory
Erply’s easy inventory registration process helps you avoid ordering too much or too little of an item. Detailed inventory information is available during a registration, including how much if an item is available, in stock, or on layaway. 

Easily manage complex inventory structures
Whether you have 1, 10, or 1 million SKUs, Erply’s intuitive inventory registration helps you easily find items and add them to your inventory registration. Have matrix items? Register different amounts each variant, all from one screen.

Inventory Registrations

Inventory registrations are typically used after a Physical stocktaking has been created. They are used to add inventory to a specific location or to adjust inventory quantities when a discrepancy is found. 

In the back office, navigate to Inventory -> Inventory registrations.
Erply will display a list of all inventory registrations which can be filtered and searched. 
Click New to create a new inventory registration. You will need to specify which location you are registering inventory for.

From here, you can add items to your inventory registration.
Start typing in a keyword and Erply will automatically generate a list of products containing that keyword.
Alternatively, you can add inventory by clicking Select on the product row. Erply will then open a window that allows you to select items to add to your inventory registration. 

This window will give you important inventory information including:
- Stock levels at your specified location
- How many are in layaway
- How many are available 
- Price with and without tax
- Product code

If you select a matrix item, Erply allows you to quickly register stock for each matrix variant. 
Confirm the registration when you are complete and Erply will update your inventory quantities.

View Stock Changes

To view changes in your inventory counts, navigate to Inventory -> Inventory Registrations. 
Click on an entry to view more information. A warehouse report will open that reflects updates stock information in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit and make changes to an inventory registration?
No, once confirmed, an inventory registration should not be edited. If change is needed, the registration should be deleted and started over.