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    11 Sep, 2020
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    Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with Erply


    Synchronization between systems is always a tailored service, it can not be a counter product. There are many details and all the businesses have different needs.


    Every business is different but the core synchronisations stays the same. All the data changes between two programs are made seamlessly without human interaction. All the departments that are using Dynamics GP or Erply can have the same information and have their own reports.


    Integrating two worlds together where there are different terms like Supplier in Erply is Vendor at Dynamics GP and Product is called Item. The translation and mapping is important in our middleware service.


    Synchronization between two programs is needed to save resources, if we have entered data once then we do not need to re-enter it second time. This means less mistakes. When all the suppliers are handled in Dynamics GP and all the stocktaking are managed in Erply.

    Synchronization will save resources

    First thing that we do is synchronizing all the Suppliers and Supplier Price Lists from Dynamics GP to Erply this means that we will have accurate information for Purchasing goods in Erply. Even if there are multiple suppliers for the one product we can get the primary supplier from Dynamics GP.

    When creating a new Purchase Order in Erply to the supplier it will be sent to Dynamics GP after confirmation. When this Purchase Order has been filled the system sends Receipt to Accounting that we have received the goods and then accounting can start working with the invoice from the supplier. Dynamics GP will synchronize new supplier prices from Invoice to Erply and we can renew the prices that will show the accurate FIFO cost in Erply.

    Erply will send all the products information to Dynamics GP, this means all the necessary details about inventory.

    Sales documents will be sent from Erply to Dynamics GP with all the details about payments, customer information and taxes.

    All this gives a possibility to use both programs all the reports as they have meant to be used.


    All the data is transferred automatically between two programs. We have created our middleware service that is located on the same server as Dynamics GP. Middleware service will verify the integrity of the data. All The secured data transfer is logged and monitored. 

    Integration is scaling up to the Enterprise level. We can configure data transfer frequency, Erply does have a flexible API, mapping is the name of the game.