Berlin Back Office Version 5.28.0

October 14, 2021

September 16, 2020

New Features

  1. Stock Replenishment Report can now be configured to create one single Purchase Order for all products, not separate Purchase Orders per supplier.

    See Settings > Configuration > "Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices" > "Stock Replenishment Report creates"

    This setting is recommended in case stores order everything from the central warehouse, not directly from suppliers (and if the central warehouse uses a separate Erply account, so it is necessary to send them a purchase order).

    In contrast — if stores order from central warehouse, but both the warehouse and stores share a single account, we recommend Central Purchasing instead.


  1. The column "Customer Orders" has been removed from Stock Replenishment Report. The column showed misleading information and did not properly distinguish fulfilled and unfulfilled orders.

    Instead, please refer to column "Lay-by". If proper process is followed, the "Lay-by" number will include all unfulfilled orders,

    In case orders are fulfilled in multiple parts, we strongly recommend to use automatic order splitting.

  2. In Reports > Stock Replenishment, the check box "Also show amounts on order + amounts in transfer" is now checked by default. Factoring in the quantities already ordered is a vital part of a proper purchase process.


  1. Fixed: Erply did not update product's last modification timestamp when product's properties were changed from product card > Matrix > Quantity view.

  2. Fixed: clicking "Create new sales order" from the list of undelivered items created a blank document.