API Version 1.53.0

July 14, 2021

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September 22, 2020

New Features

  1. Limited support for a new, more optimal product data model has been introduced.

    The new data model will be useful on accounts with a lot of non-stock products. Several operations, such as looking up products, saving a sales transaction, or retrieving a sales report, might be faster with the new data model.

    For now, this has only been implemented in API calls getProducts and saveProduct. Support will be expanded in future releases. The "new product data model" will be introduced to agreed pilot accounts only.

  2. Support for invoice algorithm version 5 has been expanded (but is not fully complete).

    • API call saveSalesDocument now populates fields "discounted_price", "discounted_price_with_tax", "net_total", "tax_total" and "total" for each sales document row.

    • The following API calls now use a calculation method compatible with algorithm version 5. On an account using algorithm version 5, these calls will now return accurate values.

      • getReports. Only two outputs are affected: one special-purpose output that is used by one specific customer only ("type=totalTax"), and in Z Report, the net total and tax total per payment type. This information is only returned if configuration parameter "zreport_show_tax_for_each_payment_type" has been set to 1.
      • getCostOfGoodsSold
      • getEDocuments
      • getReportSalesRows