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    9 Feb, 2022
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    POS Brazil Version 4.05.2


    • Close day tenders no longer have TIP
    • Back Office receipt footer supported in PatchScript
    • Back Office receipt announcement/message supported in PatchScript
    • Patchscript prices are rounded to 2 decimals
    • Sentry:
      • collects more data (100 → 300 breadcrumbs, stack traces, response bodies)
      • saves username, clientcode, company email in Sentry user field
    • New setting 'allow_fallback_to_external_integration' in payment configuration
    • If this setting is enabled, then shows a button to toggle any payment to be processed with the external integration (similar to already existing feature with triPOS + touchpos_require_card_type_on_external_payment)
    • ↑ Slightly improved styling of button to toggle payment integration
    • Some Account Sales related translations removed
    • Removed option to toggle Account sales on/off (always enabled)
    • Added confirmation on pressing Enter key for
      • customerPrompts
      • CFJC popup
    • Removed email from POS (login) header
    • Removed "help" from POS (login) header
    • Cash rounding now applies to payments instead of totals
    • Removed svipebox setting
    • Weights also display 0.00 wgt
    • Custom payment setup menu allows no custom payments and no longer depends on external pmnts
    • POS now always fetches non stock products


    • P** Receipt:
      • Fixed number formatting messing up all the numbers
      • Support US-formatted numbers (numbers with decimal and thousandths' separators)
    • Plugin headers
      • No longer conflict with each other
        • Todo
        • Manager override
        • Last change
      • Have icons
        • Manager override
        • Customer display (green if configured, red if not)
      • Have help text when mouse is hovered (all say what plugin the icon is from)
        • Manager override
        • Customer display (Also says whether the channel is configured or not)
        • Last change (Full sentence to explain the number)
      • Other
        • Last change plugin font size reduced, only show number, use currency format (explanatory text if hovered with mouse)


    • Custom Receipt unable to print fix (text to template literal)
    • Zam*** plugin no longer throws an error if its getStatus cannot find a rate=0 vatRate
    • Errors from Plugins' getStatus selectors are now caught and reported to sentry silently
    • CustomerDisplay: Send timestamps to ignore out-of-order messages
    • ChaseRequest updated to be a function
    • Configuration "get orders only from current location" now works as intended
    • Pass down gift card type ID with giftCard payments
    • Creating a product from POS on top level now saves product to Default Group
    • Fixed issues with non discountable products
    • Address input section in customer edit form no longer crashes the POS
    • Sentry - reload button works after crashing POS
    • TriPos micro-service is now configurable from POS
    • Override buttons for wrapper integration if cancel now works
    • Product order edit view now opens when product price is 0
    • Conf setting "cash in/out & cash sale open drawer" no longer flipped for drawer opening (previously would open drawer for cash sales only if the setting was OFF)
    • Error with patchscript that should have prevented any receipts from printing properly & Removed duplicate print when browser print selected (previously tried to print both patchscript as well as BO format, now only prints patchscript)
    • Fixed issue with incorrect double VAT calculation on referenced returns
    • Corrected autogenerated payments logic in Payment component for referenced returns. When user starts a referenced return and adds new products to the shopping cart the enlisted payments were not making sense


    • InputField now has an onSubmit prop to easily catch when Enter is pressed
    • Patchscript now uses price without VAT if US account
    • Pre core items are now never returnable
    • Fixed rounding issue resulting in NaN
    • Amount is sent as a number when using weights