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    14 Oct, 2021
    Also available in:EstonianFinnish

    POS Brazil Version 4.07.0


    • POS data (such as vatRate) now correctly read from API, not stuck to old values from localStorage
    • Brazil POS offline mode now calculates total correctly, it used to add tax to item price with VAT already included
    • pos_timeout invalid values cause no timeout, not instant timeout
    • settings/Configuration useEffect loop maybe fixed (was not able to reproduce)
    • Wrapper debug buttons moved from 467404 to 467402
    • Fixed issues with non discountable products
    • Close day tenders save counted state
    • Save settings button locked if there are no changes in settings detected (and vice versa).
    • Show customer name on recentSales.
    • Fixed issue with stock quantity alert. POS now assumes that if a product does not have a stock amount then its amount is 0
    • UIButton/SaveButton no longer become blue when active (custom bootstrap variant instead of css overrides)

    Plugin fixes

    • CAFees unreferenced return error


    • Custom Close Day plugin merged into develop. (X report WIP)
    • Custom Close Day plugin
      • X report working from both close day and from X-Report button
      • Close day Tenders component is readonly now and shows the sum of deposit + register/drawer amounts
    • Manager override
      • New checkpoint when user tries to cash in / cash out
      • Hide Settings gear from header if user has no rights (permission-accessSettings)
      • Kick the user out with unsufficient rights from Settings if he managed to get into those while fetching for plugin settings


    • Added scannerWhitelist. The whitelist is used by the scanner to determine if it should make a query with the scanned data or ignore the scan. Example: Scan and add products even if Related products is opened, but ignore the scanned code when Payment modal page is opened


    • Patchscript now uses price without VAT if US account
    • Pre core items are now never returnable
    • Added scannerWhitelist, located in modalPages.ts used by the scanner
    • Memoized getUserLoggedIn