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    29 Sep, 2021
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    Purchase document types

    The default purchase document types in Erply are as follows: 

    Purchase Order - Order to Supplier. 
    Purchase Invoice - The goods arrive at the warehouse on the basis of the purchase invoice. 
    Purchase Return - if the goods need to be returned to the supplier

    By default account don’t have separate document for Purchase Waybill and Purchase Invoice-Waybill. It can be enabled by going to Settings -> Configurations -> Inventory and purchase -> Enable extra features. There you have this option: 
    Enable purchase waybills and purchase invoices as separate document types If unchecked, you can only enter one kind of documents — Purchase Invoices — in Purchase module. API then takes goods into stock and also affects Accounts Payable.

    Document types after enabling separate document types:

    Purchase Order - Still works the same way, order to the supplier. 
    Purchase Waybill - You take the stock in from the supplier, but they haven’t sent the Invoice yet. Purchase Invoice - The products have already come to your warehouse with Purchase Waybill and now the supplier is sending an Invoice for those products that arrived. 
    Purchase Invoice-Waybill - Works as Purchase Invoice worked before, so the stock arrives at your warehouse with the invoice.
    Purchase Return - if the goods need to be returned to the supplier

    What are these additional document types used for?

    Those extra document types are very beneficial for planning ahead and for when you have different people doing different parts of a purchase process. Those document types are also needed when using WMS.
    So the documents work with the same logic as the sales document. Waybill moves the stock and Invoice just creates payments for stock that has already arrived.
    This is beneficial to use when you have a group of people who creates orders, other group who take the products in when stock arrives, and a third group who creates and receives invoices for the products.