16 Dec, 2021
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      How to import a price list

      How to import a price list

      The first step is to either add a new or edit an existing price list by going under “Retail” and then “Price lists”. The price list has to have a title, the “Active” box ticked, and the starting date marked down, otherwise the price list will not be shown in the mapping list. The ending date does not have to be marked down, unless the list is temporary.

      You may import at once only 50 price lists.

      Attention! Only regular products, the product net sales price, and the product gross sales price can be imported! Bundles and assembly products have to be edited or added separately!

      You only need to add an unique product code (a code that belongs to only one certain product), or the EAN code, and the product net sales price or the products gross sales price into the Excel worksheet in order to import the price list. The product can be found in the product catalog by the product code or the EAN code if the products have already been added previously.

      Attention! It is advised to import the file in .xlsx format and to make sure that all formulas have been removed before saving!

      Once the price list has been created or edited, it has to be associated in order to use it automatically.

      In order to import, use the “Import Products” or “Product import” feature. After uploading the file, it is important to pay close attention to the “File has headers” button and to choose under configurations whether it is necessary to add new products or update info on preexisting products, or both, and in which warehouse the import is necessary.

      It is also necessary to map under “Mapping” which codes are used for which purposes. The list with possibilities opens up when you click on the “Not mapped” fields. You may also use the search bar in that window. For example, choose “Product code” if you wish to use the product code for product identification and in the price column the price list which you wish to update or add.

      You should also add other information concerning the product if you are adding new products.

      Instructions for that can be found on this link:

      At the end of the process, it is recommendable to download the report on the import, for which we have the “Download Report” button, as this way you will be able to see if all rows from the Excel file got imported.