Product Importer

November 6, 2023

Benefits of the Product Importer

Add large amounts of products at once
Our product importer makes it very easy to add new items with low effort.

Mass edit product information
If you need to edit the information on many products at once, the product importer offers an easy way to do so. Whether this is adding a unit, changing prices, etc.

Add price list prices
With the product importer you can easily add products to a price list with their new prices attached. 

Works for regular and matrix products
The importer can be used to add and edit any type of products


In order to import products to the Erply system, you must first format the data for the system to be correct and save the table in a CSV or XLSX file. You can use our product import template for this, which can be downloaded HERE.
Note: There is no required column order. You may delete unused columns in the template if you wish to do so.

You can find the importer in PIM -> Import Products. Here you can choose whether you want to import regular products or matrix products. You can then add a pre-organized CSV / XLSX file.

After adding a file, you must choose whether or not a header is added to the table. If so, make File has headers active and click Create.

Next you will reach the Configuration, where you will have to choose which warehouse you are importing into.

If you select Add new, you can leave the "Match existing products by" box blank. This field must be filled in if you want to update and/or add new products at the same time (Update products / Add new and update). In this case, a certain value should be chosen according to which the products should be updated or updated and added, e.g. Product Code or Product UPC / EAN.

If there are cells in the table that you don’t want to import, then the "ignore empty values" button must be activated. This should be disabled if you want to remove information when updating products.

Once the appropriate parameters have been selected, the next step is to match the columns in the table to the fields in the Erply system (Mapping). You can find all mapping fields from THIS article.

Clicking Not Mapped opens a box where you can search for the match in the selected column.

When a match is found for each required column, click Apply and validate configuration and Confirm and start import.

A notification will then appear stating that the importer will save the mapped Fields and use them for subsequent imports (detecting a similar field).

Then press Confirm again and the system will import the products.

At the end of the import, a view shows where you can download the Import Report (Download Report), which products were imported and, if necessary, you can also roll back the import, but only without leaving the import page.

Editing Products by Matching Existing Products

If you choose multiple fields to match by, then the import tool will try to find the best match. The logic used by Erply is as follows: 

A product in Erply with exactly the same field values is matched first (Example 1).
If some “match by” fields are not set for the row, then the empty values are ignored. The product in Erply will be matched only by non-empty fields (Example 2).
If there is no product which matches all fields, the import will try to match based on as many fields as possible until it finds a match or there is no product in Erply that has any common matching fields (Example 3).         
If there are more than two matching products in Erply, the import tool will pick a random one (Example 4).


Match by: Code, UPC/EAN

Product Code UPC/EAN
PRODUCT 1 shirt-red 10001
PRODUCT 2 shirt-red 10002
No Example Code UPC/EAN
1 Following row will match Product 1: shirt-red 10001
2 Following row will match Product 2:   10002
3 Following row will match Product 1 and overwrite the Code with new value: shirt-green 10001
4 Following row will match random product: shirt-red  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fields are absolutely necessary for importing?
The required fields are: Product Group
The recommended minimal fields are: Product Name, Product Price, Product Group, Product EAN Code.