Price List Import

January 25, 2023

You can either add a new price list with import or edit an existing one.

When importing, the price list has to be created in advance in Erply by going under Retail -> Price lists
The price list has to have a title, the Active box ticked, and the starting date marked down, otherwise the price list will not be shown in the mapping list when importing. 
The ending date is not mandatory, unless the price list is temporary.

The limit of importing at once is 50 different price lists in one import.


In order to import, use the Product Import feature by going to PIM -> Import Products. After uploading the file, pay attention to the “File has headers” button and choose under configurations whether it is necessary to add new products or update info on existing ones. 
Match existing product by is an important field, this is where you should choose which is the unique code of the product that the import can use for matching existing products with the ones on the spreadsheet. Make sure that you have chosen the right field (Product code, EAN, ID etc).

In the excel sheet you should have a unique code for the product (a code that belongs to only one certain product EAN, Product code, ID) and the new price list's net prices or gross prices (but not both).

If the product is existing in Erply already then it matches the existing product by the unique code. 
If the product has not yet been created in Erply it will create a new product with that code and add it to the price list straight away. 
Do not that the importer will only create a product if it has the following fields: Name, Product Group. More information in the main Product Importer article.

Here's an example of how the spreadsheet could look like for the price list import.

Now, under Data Mapping, choose which columns have which information in them. You can see the full list HERE.

Keep In Mind

It is advised to import the file in .xlsx format and to make sure that all formulas have been removed before saving! 
Also when you are adding existing Erply products to price list, leave as little information as possible in the spreadsheet. Only the necessary fields. 
At the end of the process, it is recommended to download the report on the import, for which we have the Download Report button, as this way you will be able to see if all rows from the Excel file got imported.

Once the price list has been created or edited, it has to be associated in order to use it automatically.