Customer display app (Brazil)

October 27, 2022

New Customer Display application

Save time and increase sales with Erply’s NEW Customer display app. Connect to any web-based device with a screen and display promotions, product advertisements, or any other engaging store media. 

New Customer Display application is connected with the Brazil POS system and has a lot of benefits and possibilities. The app is a great assistant for cashiers and also gives customers the opportunity to follow the process of their purchase.

Main benefits of the new Customer Display Application 

  • Stronger customer engagements:
    • Possibility to create personalized in-store experiences and encourage customer purchases;
    • Display rotating ads and promotions;
    • Capture electronic signatures;
    • Accept tips and donations;
    • Display sale information specific to a customer’s cart;
    • Possibility for customers´s self-registration
  • Full in-store customization:
    • Design your POS display with product photos, logos, videos, and more, then fine-tune your designs with HTML and CSS.
  • Hardware flexibility
    • The customer display app will run on any device with a screen and an internet connection. Show your displays on a tablet, computer, secondary monitor, or any other display hardware in your store.
    • Information about the hardware requirements and devices can be found here.

How to enable the Customer Display?

  1. Log in to the Brazil POS 
  2. Enter your credentials (client code, username, password)
  3. Go to the Settings menu (gear icon in the menu bar on the top of the POS screen) - click on Plugins
  4. Find out the “Customer Display” and tick the checkbox that to enable the plugin

The “green screen” icon shows that the Customer Display is enabled and is ready to use.

How can I open the Customer display application?

You have two ways to open the Customer display application:

  • In the POS system:
    • 1. Go to Settings - Plugins
    • Find Customer Display plugin and click on it
    • Then click on the “Open external customer display” button
  • 2. ANOTHER WAY: click on the green “screen” icon in the POS menu bar on the top
  • Then click on the appeared modal the “Open external customer display app” button

Channel code

Since the information that will be displayed on the customer´s screen is coming from the POS system, the POS register and the customer´s screen must be connected between themselves by a code. That to generate connection code please follow next steps:

  1. Go to the POS Settings (gear icon in the POS menu bar on top of the screen)
  2. Go to the Plugins - search for the “Customer display” plugin
  3. Click on the “Configure plugin” button
  4. Click on the yellow “Generate channel code”
  1. When the channel code was generated click on the “Open external customer display” - The following screen should appear on the customer display:
  1. Click on the entering code field to make it active. 
  2. Select a numpad. Using the numpad enter the channel code which was generated previously in step 1.
  1. Click to the Start button.

Now it's time to configure the Customer Display app based on your wishes and requirements.

NOTE: The configuration guideline can be found here.

Ready to use

When the Customer Display plugin is enabled and configured by needs, it is time to test it and make first test sale:

  1. Add products to the shopping cart in the POS system - same products were added in the customer´s display as well 
POS shopping cartShopping cart on the customer´s display


  1. Click on the Pay button in the POS system and apply any payment to the sale.
  2. Click green checkmark button in the POS payment modal - after the sale is finalized the following screen will be displayed on the customer´s display: