Client Merge

January 17, 2024

What is the client merge plugin?

Erply’s client merge plugin allows you to combine two or more customer accounts into one.


You can merge the following customer data within Erply:

  • Customer accounts

  • Reward point balance

  • Customer invoices


Merging customer information is a permanent action that cannot be undone. 

Benefits of the client merge plugin

Prevent duplicate accounts

Merging multiple, related sets of customer data into one account keeps your POS and back office records up-to-date. Eliminating duplicate accounts helps prevent data mismatching when employees interact with your customers. 


Boost customer service

Customers might need to keep multiple, separate accounts under your business. Merging data improves transparency and enables your employees to serve customers faster and more accurately.


Pro tip: Merging a customer’s reward points lets them maintain their hard-earned balance and encourages loyalty to your business.


Clean up and back office reports

Merging accounts or invoice data enables you to pull sales and customer reports without manually associating individual pieces of data. This is helpful for instances where the same customer made multiple purchases under separate accounts.

How to merge customer data using the merge client plugin


Note: The Merge button will appear in your customer list under All Customers after selecting two or more customers.

1. Installing the client merge plugin

Reach out to our team at to request a support agent to install the client merge plugin to your Erply account.

2. Enabling Erply users to access the client merge plugin

Erply users must have access to the client merge plugin before they can use it.

  1. Accessing the client merge plugin requires an Erply account with the proper user rights.

  2. In the back office, navigate to the Settings module and select All settings.

  3. Scroll down and click on Merge customer configuration.

  4. Type in the employee IDs for the users and or groups that will be able to use this feature.


Note: You can locate an employee’s ID by opening a user account or a group setup and noting the number after &edit=... in the address bar. 

3. Setting up the client merge plugin

  1. In the back office, click on the Customers module and select All customers

  2. Click the orange Merge button on the top right side of your POS screen to start the merge process.

  3. Select a main customer account and the secondary accounts which will merge into the main account.

  4. Select customers from the list. The Merge button will only appear when two or more customers have been selected.

  5. Click the blue Merge button to finalize the client merge.


Note: Client merge cannot be undone.    

Terms to know

Clients/customers: People that purchase services or goods from your business.


Plugin: An Erply account add-on that adds new software functionality.

Frequently asked questions

Can I undo a client merge?



How many customers can I merge?

You can merge up to 200 customers per operation.


How many invoices can I merge to one customer?

Up to 1000.


What will happen to phone numbers, email addresses and other details?

Phone numbers, customer groups, customer managers and loyalty card numbers will be discarded except for the main customer.


Email addresses will be added to the notes section, overwriting any existing notes on the main customer account.


Addresses will be added to the main customer card.