Product Extra Fields

November 30, 2023

Product extra fields are an extra categorizing feature that do not need to be used.
They are a secondary categorizing feature.

This feature, alongside the Priority Groups, Product Families, and Product Categories, are all features that do not need to be used, but can be used, if you require extra categorizing.
There is no functionality in Erply that depends on these features, they are simply meant for specific categorizing.

Product Extra Fields

These will always show as dropdown menus, similarly to priority groups or brands.

Enabling this extra module will add four new drop-down fields to product card, for creating additional customizable classification systems for products.
Each one of the for fields can be individually enabled (to not overwhelm forms and filters).

Extra product card fields can be activated, created, edited, deleted, and reordered in PIM -> Manage Product Catalog -> Product Extra Field

To activate a product extra field, tick the box Enable extra field. Just below this, you can also name your product field.

To create a field item, simply press the Add field item button. 
To edit a field item, click on the Edit button on the field item row.
To delete a field item, click on the Delete button on the field item row.
And to reorder field items, hold and drag them by the six-dot icon on the left end of the field item row.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can field items be imported?
Yes, their codes can be imported. However, you cannot import their names, those you will have to set manually.
Also keep in mind that subgroups will have to be arranged directly in the module.