Product Archive

March 1, 2023

Benefits of Archiving Products

Never lose access to valuable product data
Erply does not allow you to permanently delete items, which means you’ll never lose access to inventory or sales data related to old products.
Archived products can only be accessed via a search filter, preventing old or outdated entries from taking over your product searches. 

Faster inventory navigation
Archiving products saves you time if you maintain a large or constantly rotating product catalog. This helps speed up back office processes by reducing the amount of data that inventory functions, such as reports, need to generate.
Archived products are not set in stone; they can be reactivated at any time.

How to Archive Products

Before you archive a product, we do ask that you make sure that the product does not contain any inventory. This can cause a problem with your account’s inventory counts.
There are three ways to Archive Products, all of which involve updating a product’s Status.

Update product card

Open the product card in the back office and locate the Status field.
Change the status from Active to Archived.

Change status from the PIM screen

Products can be archived directly from the Product list in PIM -> Manage Product Catalog.

Simply select all products you'd like to edit, click on Apply bulk change, and change the status to Archived.

Bulk product import

Bulk product imports can be used to archive multiple products at once by updating their status.
In your import file, create or locate a column labeled Status and note ARCHIVED for each product that you would like to archive. 

For information on how to initiate a product import, check out our product import guide.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find Archived products after they have been Archived? 
If you want to access your Archived products, look at the filters for the search you’re running. 
Many searches will have a field where you can choose Status. By default, it will run as All Except Archived, but archived products will show if you run the search/report with the field set to All or Archived.

My Archived Products are showing inventory even after a Stocktaking. How do I edit stock? 
Part of why we require Archived products to have zero stock before archiving is that they will still show up as inventory on-hand. 
The product will not show up on inventory registrations, write-offs, or stocktakings. Its inventory card will also be uneditable. 
To clear inventory for Archived products, you will need to convert the product back to Active, zero out the stock levels, and re-archive the product. 

Save yourself a headache later by making sure it’s zeroed out now!