Product Groups

June 20, 2023

Benefits of Product Groups

Stronger inventory classification
Product groups allow you to classify your inventory based on similar product type, brand, function, or anything else that makes sene for the inventory you sell.
Subgroups can be created to further organize your inventory. For example:

  • Shirts
    • Long sleeve
      • Graphic tee
      • Button down
    • Short sleeve
      • Graphic tee
      • Button down
  • Scarves
    • Cotton
      • Plain
      • Patterned
    • Silk

Faster POS navigation
Some POS quick keys are populated using your product group structure. Creating an organized product group structure allows your employees to quickly add items to the cart without needing to scan an item barcode.

Product Groups

In the back office, navigate to PIM -> Manage Product Catalog -> Product Groups.
Erply will display a list of items, these are your product groups.

To create a product group, simply press the Add a group button or Add on a product group row.
To edit a group, click on the Edit button on the group row.
To add a description or change the product group's settings, click on the Group form button.
To delete a group, click on the Delete button on the group row.
Note: Deleting a product group removes products from this product group from your e-shop, since it leaves the product group field blank.. You need to move all products with this group as your main group before doing this, if you do not want it to happen.
And to reorder groups, hold and drag them by the six-dot icon on the left end of the group row.

To see how you can add a product to multiple product groups, read the Products article.

Product Group Settings

Here's the list of settings under product groups from the Group form button:

  • Name
  • Quickbooks debit account
  • Quickbooks credit account
  • For each item purchased from this product group, the customer collects _ rewards points per 1 USD
    • Note: It currently says per USD, but is meant as per default currency.
  • Show in webshop
  • Promotion discounts do not apply to this product group and sub-groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can product groups be imported?
Yes, they can be imported. However, subgroups will have to be arranged directly in the module.
More information in the Product Import article.