Customer Balance

August 9, 2023

If a customer does not have an overdue balance in Erply but actually owes your business money, you will need to correct their balance so it is properly reflected in balance reports.

This guide covers two ways to adjust a customer balance in the back office:
Negative balances to add an overdue balance
Positive balance to remove an overdue balance

Creating a negative balance on a customer account

The first step is to create a negative balance. 
For this, navigate to Sales -> Invoices in the back office and create a new invoice. Do not associate a product or a payment with this invoice.
Tip: Write a reference into the Product Line named “Adjust Balance”. Erply will prompt you to create a new product with the same name, but X out of the window. This will create a free-text row.

Add the customer name in the Customer field and on the left-hand menu bar, select the document Type as Invoice. Add the customer’s overdue balance into the Price field and set the Qty to 1.
Note: Make sure the Tax% is set to zero or tax-free.

Confirm the invoice when you are done. If you receive the free-text rows popup, press Continue Anyway.
Once saved, the customer’s account balance will reflect the funds owed.

Creating a positive balance to customer account

If a customer is showing a negative balance but they have made payments, and there is no invoice with which to associate payment, a positive balance can be added to a customer account.
For this, navigate to Sales -> Payments in the back office and create a new payment.

Add the customer name in the Customer field and specify the balance adjustment in the Amount field. Add a payment type in the Type field. This can be used for reference later on.
Do not select an invoice to associate the payment with.

Save the payment when you are done. To view the customer’s new balance, open their customer card.
Note: When adding a payment to a customer account, the payment WILL show in daily reports (Z-report) for the date the payment is created. 
If this payment was taken on a previous day, and is NOT needed to reflect in the Z-report, be sure to change the payment date to a day PRIOR TO the day your Erply account was set up. This can be done through the Date field on the Payment screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Customer Balance and Store Credit?
Customer balance is created due to unpaid invoices or credit invoices, if the customer does not want a refund to their account, but would rather use the paid amount to buy new items.
Store credit can be used as a customer loyalty tool or a refund system.