Inventory Write-Off

June 29, 2023

Inventory Write-Off decreases the stock level of items in Erply. It also includes a section on the reason codes that can be associated with such Write-Offs.

Use to write-off returns, damaged goods, samples, etc. 
Use to make inventory quantity adjustments when a difference exists.

Inventory Write-Offs

In the back office, go to Inventory -> Inventory Write-Offs -> New.

This will open a blank Inventory Write-Off. Here you can choose the location for adjustments, products you’re writing off, and a reason for doing so. In most cases Write-Offs are done because of broken items, samples, warehouse leftovers, etc. Select the products that will be included in this Inventory Write-Off. To add another product you may click on New row.

You can add a reason code to the inventory write-off, if you wish to do so.

Save the write-off to finishing it later, or select Confirm to execute instantly.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add items on an Inventory Write-Off?
No, to perform the act of adding inventory, you would complete an Inventory Registration.

Is there a limit to reason code quantity?
No, add reason codes as needed.

Why does my Physical Stocktaking act show Inventory Write-Off?
When making adjustments via Physical Stock-taking, the last step is to perform a related Inventory Write-Off and/or Inventory Registration to finalize the updated quantities.