Berlin Back Office Version 5.48.0

January 11, 2022

January 11, 2022

New Features

  1. It is possible to assign a reason code to a promotion. On promotion form, there is a new drop-down field, titled "Reason code".
  2. Prepayments can now be filtered by "Not canceled" status.
  3. New configuration settings have been added:
    1. ​​Settings > Configuration > "Store Credit" > "Allow unpaid prepayment invoices to be paid off with store credit"
    2. Settings > Configuration > "Store Credit" > "Allow unpaid sales orders to be paid off with store credit"
    3. Settings > Configuration > "Customer" > "Check e-mail address format on creation"
  4. Docura Integration
    1. New data exchange channel "Docura EDI" has been added to customer form.
    2. New field "EDI type" has been added to customer form.
    3. New fields "Data exchange channels" and "EDI type" have been added to supplier from.
    4. New fields "EDI status" and "EDI text" have been added to sales document from.
    5. New fields "Data exchange channels", "EDI status" and "EDI text" have been added to purchase document from.
  5. Report generator
    1. Field "Tax Exemption Certificate ID" has been added to sales documents.
    2. Field "GLN" has been added to customers and suppliers.
    3. Fields "Purchase document currency rate", "Payment due date", "Additional costs", "Additional costs currency", "Additional costs currency rate" have been added to purchase documents.
  6. Actual reports sales document printouts
    1. Field "employeeFirstNameWithInitial" has been added.
    2. Every document row now also includes product names in all languages.
  7. Field "Maventa: Buyer’s reference" has been added to sales document form.
  8. Column "EAN code" has been added to inventory reports.


  1. All accounts can now use "Address line 2" and "State" in addresses.
  2. Sales reports now display the names of all customers, including persons.
  3. Inventory Transfer restrictions: users can view, edit and confirm (also create invoices from orders) if they have access to either the source OR the destination location.
  4. When creating an invoice from a sales order, field "Ship-to contact person" will now be copied, too.


  1. QuickBooks: the "Rounding" line has been added. This line will include the total rounding applied to invoices. The corresponding QuickBooks account number can be configured on the Reports > Export to Accounting page.
  2. Fixed an issue with recurring billing. The default payment deadline was not taken into account when creating an invoice.
  3. Report generator: fixed an issue related to "Last password change date".
  4. Actual Reports sales document printouts: Field "totalNetWeight" was incorrect when printing multiple documents.
  5. Fixed: error “EMS service has no tenants configured” that occurred when sending email, for users with user names longer than 16 characters.