POS Brazil Version 4.48.3

July 28, 2022

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  • Fixed an issue where return of zero-priced item was saved as a regular sale
  • Updated patchscript-with-react package to version 0.6.4 (fixes for patchscript conditionals)
  • Fixed an issue where paying with multiple 'none' integration card payments would only approve part of the payments
  • Fixed an issue where clock in/out page was stuck loading if user entered invalid credentials
  • Added functionality to wait for calculations in shopping cart to finish when saving a sale
  • Customer Form fix - Birthday can now be saved without a birth year
  • Fixed an issue with X-report not printing
  • More requests now count towards POS-specific request quota instead of the shared account quota. Specifically saving sales, fetching reason codes, checking for deleted records during a sync, and checking API connection, and possibly more
  • Fix for multi currency payments being saved in main currency
  • Stock level warnings now show current warehouse amounts instead of "would-be" amounts
  • Fix for invalid stock levels in product search after sale