Berlin Back Office Version 5.61.0

December 5, 2022

December 1, 2022

New features

1. Currencies with a precision of other than 2 decimal places (such as Chilean peso, Japanese yen, Bahraini dinar) no longer require invoice calculation algorithm 5; algorithm 2 is supported as well. More information about algorithm versions:

2. New permission "Set negative prices on sales documents (Brazil POS only)" has been added to user groups.


  1. The new promotions module in back office no longer requires extra modules to be activated by customer support (the necessary modules are now present on all accounts).
  2. Sales document fields "Delivery date" and "Description of packing unit" have been added to the report generator.


  1. Fixed: if an attendant is set to an invoice bundle row, the components of that bundle must be linked to the same attendant.
  2. Fixed: "Create purchase orders for selected orders" will now skip non-stock products.
  3. Fixed: Resaving a recurring billing invoice removed recurring billing information from invoice rows.