POS Brazil Version 4.50.5

December 15, 2022


  • Added multi currency support for offers
  • Added multi currency support for X-Report PatchScript
  • Added close day functionality to Pax Payment Integration
  • Added support for partial tax exemption for Canadian accounts



  • Fix for invalid register amount saved on close day when only register field is filled
  • Fixed incorrect other payments amount on EOD
  • Removed Chinese from the list of POS languages
  • When paying for an invoice via "Pay an invoice", the payment window automatically opens with all the information filled from the sale.
    If "Pay an invoice" is used when there is already some document picked up or the cart is populated, the information would be kept after the invoice is paid.
    (Note: partial payments can still be applied to both Invoice documents and Invoice-Waybill (account sale) documents by adding them on the payment screen.)
  • Once an extra address is added/edited/deleted onto a customer, it gets correctly shown on the customer view.
    Fixed an issue where when saving, addresses would flip around in the UI.
    Added a loader icon for the extra addresses saving.
  • Fix incorrect type in PCeftpos configuration form leading to infinite reconfigure loop and added a general fix to prevent this in the future
  • Fix data loading for PatchScript template editors for:
    • Coupon: if not issued to any customer
    • Gift receipt: If, for some reason, translations have failed to load or are missing a default footer, and no footer is configured on the account
    • "Select from data" inputs not working when nested inside repeat blocks
  • Look up customer in mobile view now correctly opens Customer Search view
  • Fix for product price being not editable after setting price to 0
  • POS no longer ignores multiple promotions on picked up confirmed sale documents
  • Matrix dimensions are now sorted based on Back office order
  • Fixed syncing of deletions (f.ex. archived products, deleted employees, etc.)
  • Changes of products (creations or edits) are now immediately reflected in the grid view


  • W** - prevent manual date input for date membership renewal date
  • Reimplemented tax free form plugin
  • New Discountable GiftCard Plugin - allows the users to make partial or full discount on sold GiftCards
  • L******** - Created "Issue new serial gift card on return" plugin. Renamed H********'s similar plugin
  • SureTax - Round the taxes to 2 decimal places
  • Currency converter - (E******* B**** plugin) - Added option to select currency to convert to on payment screen
  • Customer Display Plugin:
    • Improved code to avoid situations where shopping cart information would get overridden when sent to Customer Display app after POS has been freshly loaded or a new sale is being made
    • Customer registration form, opened by the customer on Customer Display and the form, sent by the cashier from the POS, now match
  • Customer Search Autofocus plugin - fix for issue with interception of user actions