Berlin Back Office Version 5.20.0

October 14, 2021

February 28, 2020

New Features

  1. A simple "front page" has been added to Berlin back office. At the moment, it just displays a list of recently updated articles from Erply help and support center,

  2. In Retail Chain > Coupon Rules, coupons were formerly classified into those which point-of-sale issued automatically (according to specified rules) and those that cashier could print manually. The rule-based coupons now have an alternative to full automatic printing: if the rules for issuing the coupon are met, cashier will be asked if they want to issue the coupon. A drop-down "Printing from POS": "Automatically" / "Ask each time" has been added.

    This feature will only be supported in Erply's newest point-of-sale application, Brazil POS.

  3. The following modules now have separate user group permissions. Access to these reports can now be configured separately; viewing those no longer requires access to all reports.

    • Inventory reports
    • Inventory Replenishment Report
    • Central Purchasing Report


  1. The application known as "Web POS" (a point of sale application that was built into back office, and had a grey background and multi-colored buttons) has been removed.

    The application has been in "deprecated" status for the last two years. There has been a notification displayed at the top of the application, warning that it will be removed soon.

  2. On Finnish accounts, new customers will now have the "E-invoice" channel selected by default.

  3. The drop-down Settings > Configuration > POS > "Select POS Version" now offers "Brazil POS" as an option. Select this option to make the "POS" menu item in back office open the newest Erply point-of-sale application, Brazil POS.

    The "Brazil POS" option will also be the default on all new accounts.

    Note that this application can also be accessed directly, by navigating to There is no need to log into POS specifically via back office, although the menu item is there as a convenience option.

  4. Sales document Actual Reports dataset, summary invoice created from multiple waybills: a field containing the recipient of each waybill (shipToName) has been added.

  5. Customer importer, product importer and a few other similar pages now open without an unnecessary sidebar containing a list of customers.


  1. Fixed: when user imported a sales or purchase document into Erply from an e-mailed link, they were logged out of Erply 1 hour later.

  2. Fixed: back office now allows to create only one Inventory Registration and one Inventory Write-Off from each physical stocktaking.

    Even if user opens open multiple Inventory Registration forms, only the first document can be saved; other documents will display an error message when attempting to save them.

  3. Fixed: Balance Statements and Payment Reminders that were opened from the report "Unpaid Invoices and Balance Statements"did not contain company logo.