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    14 Jul, 2021
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    Shopify connector sync troubleshooting


    This guide covers syncing between your Erply account and your Shopify webstore.

    1. Shopify connector sync overview

    2. Syncing behavior

    3. Sync troubleshooting for products, orders, and more

    4. Starting an account from scratch


    Need more detailed information? Check out our extensive guide on how data is synced between Erply and Shopify.

    Shopify connector sync overview

    Product management must be done from your Erply account. All changes made i yourErply account will be pushed through to your Shopify webstore when a sync is initiated. 


    Examples of changes are:

    • Changing product names

    • Adding or updating product pictures

    • Changing a product’s description


    These do not sync vice versa.


    Please note that any changes made directly into your Shopify account will be overwritten by Erply in the next sync.


    Updating settings in your Erply Shopify connector are not retroactive and will only affect future syncs.

    Order syncing behavior

    Orders will only sync from your Shopify webshop to your Erply account if they are marked as “Paid” and “Unfulfilled.”


    Orders can be imported from Shopify into your Erply account as:

    • Invoice-waybills (depletes inventory quantities)

      • Stock is moved and the transaction is completed as soon as the document comes into Erply.

    • Orders (reserves goods by putting them in layby)

      • A few confirmation steps required to complete the order.

      • Used for buy online, pickup in-store orders.


    Order handling process in the Shopify connector:

    1. A customer places an order in your webshop and makes a payment.

    2. An order is created in Shopify with an associated payment.

    3. The order is marked as “paid” and “unfulfilled.”

    4. The order and its payment are copied into Erply at the next sync.

      1. Imported as an invoice-waybill or as an order.


    My products won’t sync

    Check product card settings in Erply

    • Make sure the product has a code.

    • Check that the product’s price is NOT a negative number.

    • Make sure the product does NOT have a blank product group.

    • Make sure “Show in webshop” is checked off for the individual product.

    • Make sure the product is NOT marched as “Archived” or “Not for sale.”


    Check product group settings in Erply

    • Make sure “Show in webshop” is checked off for the product group and subgroup.


    Make a temporary name change

    Sometimes Shopify will skip a product during an import. Making a change to the product’s name will trigger an update, allowing Shopify to properly sync the product to your webshop.


    For example:

    “Red shirt” → “Red shirtt”


    Try syncing your store again after making this change. You may change your product’s name back to the original and re-sync your store -- the product will remain in your webshop and will update as normal.


    Check if a product is synced: locate it’s Shopify ID

    You can check if a product has been properly synced into Shopify by checking it’s Shopify ID in your Erply account.


    If there is no Shopify ID, the product has not been synced over into your Shopify webshop.


    Open the product in your Erply back office and scroll down to the Attributes section to find your product’s Shopify ID.


    Please see this short guide for more information on how to locate a product’s Shopify ID.

    Multi-language Erply accounts

    Shopify will only look at the default language field defined in your account.


    Say you have an account that can be switched between English and Spanish. Updating a product’s name in English will not update it’s name in Spanish, and vice versa.


    Make sure the Product Name field is not left blank in any of your languages. You can check this by switching the language in your Erply account.

    My product images lost quality after syncing them into my account

    During a product sync, Erply shrinks product images to 800 x 600 pixels, which may have an impact on the way images display in your webshop. 


    Contact if this is happening to you and our team can remove this product shrink setting.


    If needed, our support team can also configure your Shopify connector so all image handling is done in your SHopify webstore, not your Erply account.

    My orders won’t sync

    Check the order status in your Shopify store

    • Make sure order is marked as “unfulfilled.”

    • Make sure order is marked as “paid.”

    There are price discrepancies in POS pickup orders

    Pickup order price discrepancies are typically caused by mismatched tax rates. 


    If pickup orders show that you owe money to your customer, you’ll need to change your Erply and Shopify tax settings match.


    Locate the following settings in your Erply and Shopify accounts:

    • All taxes are included in my prices

    • Charge taxes on shipping rates


    If one (or both) of these settings are checked off in your Erply account, they must also be checked off in your Shopify account, and vice versa.


    Learn more in our short guide on Shopify pickup orders.

    My warehouse syncing is not correct

    Make sure that the selected Warehouse in your Shopify webshop reflects the location where invoice-waybills should pull inventory from.


    Sum stock levels across all warehouses setting

    If you uncheck this box in your Erply back office Shopify settings, the next sync will overwrite stock levels in your Shopify account. Stock levels will change to match those in your Erply warehouse (designated in the Warehouse section in your Shopify store).

    Perform a full sync

    If you’ve tried all of the above troubleshooting steps but are still having difficulties syncing data from Erply into your Shopify account, we recommend performing another full sync. 


    Open the Shopify settings in your Erply account and locate Resync items in the next run.


    This is a full sync and may take longer than regular, specialized syncs (product, stock, etc).


    As noted in the settings, this sync should only be used when groups, products, and orders are missing.

    Starting a new Shopify account

    If you have not started using your Shopify account and prefer to start wi

    If you want to start with a clean slate, you can follow the below steps to disconnect your Shoppify account, and start a new webshop from scratch.


    Please note that these steps cannot be undone.


    Contact our team at for any assistance.

    1. In your Erply account, go to Webstore → Edit settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Disconnect Shopify account from Erply.

    2. Remove all products from your Shopify webstore until your catalog is empty.

    3. Uncheck “Show in webshop for products/product groups that you do not want to sync into your webshop.

    4. Follow the initial setup steps in our Shopify Connector guide.