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    18 Nov, 2022
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    Adding and Editing Customers

    Erply allows you to create a customer both as a private customer and as a company. 
    In the Back Office, the customer can create all the benefits of CRM. You can gather valuable information when creating your sales and marketing strategy. 
    Erply customer data includes location information, sales history, reward points and more.

    Although customers can be created directly in the POS system, creating a customer in the Back Office allows you to add more details or link that customer to a company (great for wholesalers).

    Due to  the General Data Protection Regulation, the data of a private customer is not reflected in the reports where the customer is identified.

    Adding and Editing Customers in Back Office

    New customers can be added in Customers -> Add customer(person)/Add customer(company)

    A new customer card opens up. When adding private customers, the form “Person” opens up.

    It is now possible to add the customer's first name, last name, e-mail, mobile, address, etc. The required fields are shown in red. 
    It is also possible to create a new Customer Group -> Add new on the Customer card.


    When adding a company, the form "Company" opens up. You can add addresses and contact information to the company. The required fields are shown in red.

    Additional information can be added in the menu bar on the left. In case of a private customer, for example, title, national ID, date of birth, etc. 
    In case of a company, for example, registry code, VAT, type of company, etc. 
    When all the necessary information has been added to the customer card, press "Save" and a new customer has been created.

    Customers can be edited in Customers → Customers by clicking on their name.

    If you wish to import larger amounts of clients, please read our customer importing guide.

    Adding Customers at the POS

    When logged into the Point of Sale, you can add a new customer by clicking the Add Customer button. 
    Add customer is the dark blue function button and has a silhouette of a person.  
    You can also use the large + sign next to your Default Customer to pull up this card.

    From here, you can fill in all the information you wish to, the required fields are shown in red.

    You can also toggle between adding an individual customer or a business customer (company). If this new customer is a company you will be doing business with directly, you can simply choose the appropriate tab to add them as such.

    Press Save in the top right corner to save all changes made. This will create a new customer card and will select them as the customer for the current sale.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will customers added at Point of Sale sync to Erply Back Office? 
    Any customer created at the POS will be automatically added to Erply’s back office database.

    Can I edit current customers from the POS? 
    You can! When you have a customer selected at the point of sale, edit their data by clicking the Details button (#1 in the image below).
    Select the edit icon to pull up the editable fields (#2 in the image below).

    Why can’t my cashier add a customer at the point of sale? 
    Cashiers must have proper user rights in order to have the ability to add customers at the point of sale.

    You can configure these settings in the back office:  

    1. Check an employee’s user group to make sure they’re in a group that can add new customers at the POS.
    2. For thatheck a user group’s setting to see if it has the ability to add customers at the POS.
      1. In the user group settings, scroll down to the Customers section.
        Make sure the checkbox under the Add column is checked along the Customer row.