Additional plugins

June 5, 2023

We have created a lot of additional solutions as plugins that are not installed on accounts by default. These solutions can be enabled for a one-time fee.
This article lists the most used and needed ones. 
If you are interested in additional features or would like more information, please contact support at

Alert client notes - If notes have been added to the client, a popup window will appear when the client selected for the document.
Alert supplier notes - If notes have been added to the supplier, a popup window will appear when the supplier is selected for the purchase order.
Client merge - This plugin merges the selected customers into one.
Creating VAR products - This plugin lets users create temporary products which are automatically archived when no longer needed.
Custom Payment Types For BO - Erply BO plugin that adds an option to use an alternative method of payment with unique system code.
Custom Payment Types for POS - Berlin POS - Erply Berlin POS plugin that adds an option to use an alternative method of payment.
Estonian Business Registry Autocomplete - Get data from Estonian Business Registry when creating a customer or supplier in BO.
Import Rows from Excel Plugin - Allows you to import product lines from an xlsx file to sales, purchase and inventory transfer documents.
Limit sales by margin - Back-Office plugin that alerts a user if any of the products on document rows have a margin that is too low.
Configurable Mandatory fields - Plugin that lets users configure which of the predefined fields should be made mandatory when creating/changing a document or on product card.
Penalty invoice - Enables creating penalty invoice based on an overdue invoice.
Purchase Order CSV - This plugin allows user to send Purchase Order as CSV file via email. (Classic backoffice only)
Product history - Plugin adds a button to open floating window containing past sales on an invoice row line. (Classic backoffice only)
Rename product on Sales document - Plugin that lets a user rename products on sales documents rows. (Berlin backoffice only)
Realization warehouse - This plugins adds an option to specify warehouses as realization warehouses. Prefix RW_ is added to realization warehouses during the warehouse creation. When an inventory transfer is made and a realization warehouse is specified as the target location, user is presented a extra option to use the product's sales price as the price of the inventory transfer.
Search Customers by Reg code - This plugin helps you to search customers by Registration code.
Search Invoice by Reference Number - Plugin that allows users to search for invoices and orders by their reference number
Set tax rate for all document rows - Plugin that allows users to set the same VAT rate for all rows on invoices, orders and offers.
Export Product Dimensions - Plugin purpose is to show matrix product dimensions on the spreadsheet when exporting products.
BO Reward Point History - Shows customer's records by earned and used reward points. Displays how points and the total changed with each record. Time span can be chosen to see records in specific period.
CBO Sales Margin on Sales Documents for Berlin BO - Plugin for Berlin version of Back Office that shows warehouse prices information as well as markup, profit and margin on Sales documents.
Sales margin on sales documents - Plugin for Classic version of Back Office that shows warehouse prices information as well as markup, profit and margin on Sales documents.
User default location - Adds a 'Default warehouse' field to the employee form. This default warehouse will be selected by default when making invoices. When a default warehouse is not selected in the employee form, the warehouse that is listed first in locations table will be selected instead.
Purchase-order-split - Creates a new purchase order document with checked items.
Add amount kilograms - The purpose of this plugin is to show quantities as kilograms on sales documents.
Article To Article Plugin - Plugin creates an inventory transfer of type Article to Article. The plugin allows you to create stock of one product from many products (many to 1 product) or to create stock of many product from one product (1 to many).
Autofill Client By Ship-To On Invoice - In invoice section this plugin removes required from "customer" field and adds required to "ship to" field. If "ship to" value is selected the "customer" field will be filled automatically by payer of invoices of customer set in 'ship to" field. if this customer has no payer of invoices set, the "customer" field will be filled by value of "ship to" field.
Back Office plugin for Ship Date on Transfer Orders - Customer needed to be able to add Ship Date to their Inventory Transfers reports. Upon creating new Inventory Transfer the form has option to choose Ship Date which gets added to the report. Customer has the ability to filter and order Inventory Transfer reports by the Ship Date.
Show Price List Prices on Product - Displays product prices in price lists on product card. Adds a button next to the product net price that will display product prices in price lists. Also allows to change the price list price and remove product from price lists. (Classic BO) (Only shows for products with special prices)
Reorder/restock notification on orders - This plugin displays an error message while adding a product to the sales order when the products available stock is below Reorder Point on the product card.