Additional Plugins

January 17, 2024

We have created a lot of additional solutions as plugins that are not installed on accounts by default. These solutions can be enabled for a one-time fee.
This article lists the plugins most used by Erply users. 
If you are interested in additional features or would like more information, please contact support at

Please note that these are legacy features and are no longer receiving updates. Erply is working on a new and exciting app store, GoERP, which will support back-office customization and much more in the future. Stay tuned!

Plugin Name Plugin Description
Address Floating Window Plugin that makes sure the US users have to recheck their company address on their next login and change it if needed.
Alert client notes Plugin purpose is to alert user with client notes if notes exist, when selecting client on sales document.
BO Reward Point History Shows customer's records by earned and used reward points. Displays how points and the total changed with each record. Time span can be chosen to see records in specific period. Currently in Estonian.
Client merge The plugin merges duplicate customers into one
Creating VAR products Enables adding products straight in the invoice view
Csv Import Products Pictures Csv Import Products Pictures
Custom Payment Types For BO Erply BO/POS plugin that adds an option to use an alternative method of payment.
Customer order numbers to sales orders Adds a customer's order number input field to the sales document form and to the sales orders search filters.
Disable Document Editing Disable editing documents
Estonian Business Registry Autocomplete Get data from Estonian Business Registry when creating a customer or supplier
Import Rows from Excel Import sales document, purchase document, inventory transfer and inventory registration rows from Excel
In-transit warehouse Allows making inventory transfers to and from in-transit warehouse
Product search with floating window Plugin purpose is to add an option to search for products on add invoice/order page with a floating window.
Realization warehouse Adds realization option to the warehouses
Search Customers by Reg code Search Customers by Reg code
Set tax rate for all document rows Plugin that allows to set the same tax rate for all document rows
Show Price List Prices on Product Displays product prices in price lists on product card. Adds a button next to the product net price that will display product prices in price lists. Also allows to change the price list price and remove product from price lists.
Sort Purchase Order Enables sorting purchase order by clicking on table headers
User default location Adds a 'Default warehouse' option to the employee form that will be selected when making invoices
Waybill Customer Document Type Change Chooses waybill as the document type when creating a sales document from order when customer has 'Always ship goods with waybills' checked