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    2 Jan, 2023
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    Wholesaling With Erply

    Erply’s sales, inventory, order, and contact management tools are ideal for businesses that perform wholesaling operations. 

    Powerful CRM Tools

    Grow your CRM with valuable customer data
    Erply allows for multiple customer types to fit your specific business processes:

    Individual Person


    Maintain a database of individual shoppers.Keep track of entire companies, and add contact persons within each company.

    Store virtually any type of customer information including:
    - Multiple billing and shipping addresses
    - Net payment terms 
    - Delivery preferences
    - Payment information

    Never lose track of customer payments
    Easily view a customer’s payment status, or open a balance statement to get a full picture of past-due invoices. Large payments can be automatically distributed amongst multiple invoices.

    Unique pricing with pricelists
    Segment customers into groups, then use price lists offer unique prices based on their contract, location, or any other defining factors.

    Supplier Communications Made Easy

    From purchase order creation to stock management, Erply takes the hard work out of supplier relations. 

    Special supplier pricing
    Keep track of supplier discounts with supplier price lists. When ordering new stock, Erply will automatically let you know which supplier is offering the best prices.  

    Bulk updates
    Flexible data import tools make it easy for you to make bulk updates to your suppliers and the goods you purchase from them.   
    - Customer import
    - Product import
    - Supplier import
    - Import purchase invoices

    Automatic low stock notifications
    Set unique restock and reorder points for your products, then get notified when a product's stock reaches a certain threshold. 
    Erply will automatically suggest a reorder amount based on its reorder point.

    Sales Management

    Recurring billing tools
    Configure Erply to automatically generate customer invoices. Simply set the recurring bill date, invoice items, and costs, and Erply does the rest.

    Sales documents for any process
    Quote to invoice to order
    Prepayment & partial payments

    Also perform retail operations? 
    Create quotes and sales orders right from the POS, then edit and confirm them in the back office.

    Detailed document customization

    Use Erply’s drag-and-drop document creator to design sales documents with logos and images, or customize them with data fields pulled straight from the back office.

    A Suite of Data Reports

    Pull reports on any datapoint in Erply. If you don’t see the exact report you need, custom reports can be created to compare specific datasets.

    Common reports include:

    Sales by product,
    Customer group purchasing habits

    COGS reports include:

    Inventory movement during a certain period of time

    Warehousing Tools From Any Device

    Erply WMS (Warehouse management software)

    WMS is an all-in-one tool to manage your warehouse, streamline operations, and scale your business.

    Hook up a scanner to a tablet or other device and you’re ready to rapidly:
    - Fulfil orders
    - Transfer inventory
    - Receive inventory

    Erply Stocktake app

    Save money on hardware and receive goods right from your mobile device.
    Rapid scanning functionality - up to 12 shelves high
    Pause and resume work
    Handle multiple simultaneous stocktaking at once
    Offline stocktaking supported
    Maintain accurate inventory counts across your retail chain
    Check out the Stocktake app on the Google Play store or the App store.