POS Global Hardware

What hardware options do we have?

Erply supports a wide range of hardware, from the most common to very specific and detailed solutions. This is point of sale hardware that we have integrated and know will provide seamless day-to-day work:
Customer displays
Point of sale computers

Which operating system to choose?

Operating system choice will set the path of all the hardware choices you need to make in order to get a working solution specific to your need. We support all the major operating system with a good range of latest versions. See the full list here:

Op. systems

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Ubuntu 18.xx

Ubuntu 20.xx

Since 6.0 Since iOS 11

Since Yosemite

Desktop printers

Epson TM-20Star TSP100Star TSP650Bixolon SRP-F310
CitizenCT-S65Citizen CT-S251PoSXML terminal 

Android&iOS printers

Star mPOP Star TSP100Star mC-Print2
Epson TM-m30Citizen CT-S251PoSXML terminal (iOS)

Desktop scanners

Datalogic QuickScan LiteNewland NLS-HR22Zebra DS2278SunMiMagellan 8300/9300i (Kombineeritud kaaluga)

Customer displays


Glancetron 8035Glancetron 8036

HP LM940


Clientron PM1000 


Sweda-34FMagellan 8300/9300i (Combined with scanner)





Star mPopAny 24V Cashdrawer



Fiscal devices